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Come check out Just for Laughs New Face Wassim El-Mounzer record his first comedy album with the acclaimed label Comedy Records at Montreal's 3rd floor comedy club.


Featuring special guests: Lawrence Corber, Jonathan Burello and Dana Saleh.

More about Wassim:


Wassim began his comedy career like most stand ups, while teaching English in Bundang, South Korea. In 2015, after catching the comedy bug (herpes), Wassim moved back to his home city of Montreal to pursue comedy more seriously. In 2018 he was named one of the Montreal Gazette's list as one of the artists to watch and was featured on the BBC Arts Hour and CBC's Laughter at the Lion D'Or. He has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival three times and in 2019 was the opening act for Sugar Sammy on a Canada-wide theatre tour. He recorded tracks for the JFL Originals comedy album recording: Doula, Midwife, Fullwife (which can be streamed on Sirius XM). Last summer he was featured on the New Faces Canada show at the Just For Laughs festival. Wassim does not actually have herpes. That was a joke. A gag. A ruse. These are the kind of wild shenanigans you can expect at his album taping the 23rd of September at 3rd floor comedy club. I'd love to see you there. Woops I mean he(Wassim). Both of us, myself(the person writing this for Wassim), and Wassim (who is totally not writing this) would love to see you there.



Damn it.


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